Analyses & Opinion Journalism.

I write analyses and opinions regarding the dynamics of socio-political situation in South-Eastern and Eastern Europe for think tanks, media and other organizations interested in this issue.

Please find selected articles below:

2020.01.07, Commentary for regarding the presidential elections in Croatia

2018.10.08, Analysis for Global.Lab regarding the general elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina

2016.09.27, Analysis for regarding the referendum in Republic of Srpska

2014 February/March, a series of articles for on mass social protests in the Balkans:

Journalism – other:

I sometimes write pieces about contemporary Eastern European cinema.

Some of them you can find below:

2015.02.14, on Svetlana Baskova’s „For Marx”, for Praktyka Teoretyczna

2014.02.15, on Aleksey Fedorchenko’s works for artPAPIER (with K. Roman-Rawska)

2013.12.15, on Danis Tanović’s „Senada”, for Political Critique (with K. Roman-Rawska)

2013.12.08, on Bojan Kosovčević’s „Wir”, for Political Critique (with K. Roman-Rawska)

2013.11.19, on Aleksander Veledinsky’s „Geographer Drank His Globe Away”, for E-splot (with K. Roman-Rawska)

2013.10.01, on Miroslav Momčilović’s „Death of a Man in the Balkans”, for artPAPIER (with K. Roman-Rawska)

2013.05.01, on Andrey Smirnov’s „Once Upon a Time There Lived a Simple Woman”, for artPAPIER (with K. Roman-Rawska)