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The case of Serbia under Aleksandar Vučić, at “26th Annual Conference of Central European Political Science Association (CEPSA)”, 2-3.06.2022, Bled, Slovenia. 2021 Dismantling Antifascism in Post-Socialist Poland and Croatia, at “53rd ASEEES Annual Convention”, 18-21.11.2021, New Orleans, USA. Panelist: Negotiating Troubled Pasts: Art & Conflict, at “Negotiating Troubled Pasts: History, Politics, Art and the Media. Repast Final & Next Steps Conference”, 15.10.2021, Repast Consortium. Budowanie narodów na peryferiach socjalistycznej Jugosławii (1945-74), at “Re: Start. Socjologia historyczna. Problemy, metody, rozwiązania, 8-9.10.2021, Jagiellonian University (Poland). Nation-State Reframed. The Memory Struggle over The National Independence Day in the Polish Parliament (1997-1998), on “Memory Studies Association Fifth Annual Conference”, 5-9.07.2021, University of Warsaw (Poland). Panelist at the Round Table: Agonistic Memory in the Post-colonial Context: Mutual Contention and Dialogue in Non-democratic Societies, on “Memory Studies Association Fifth Annual Conference”, 5-9.07.2021, University of Warsaw (Poland). 2019 Balkan Politics and the (Im)possibilities of symbolic spacesharing, on “Discourses and Practices of Space Sharing. Christians and Muslims in the Balkans”, 5-7.12.2019, Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany). The Decline of Antifascism? Memory Struggle Over the V-Day in Polish Parliament, on „XVII Polish Sociological Congress: Me-Us-Them? Subjectivity, Identity, Belonging”, 11-14.09.2019, University of Wrocław (Poland). Faking Unity, Preserving Divisions: How The International Community (Not) Dealt With The Troubled Past In Bosnia And Herzegovina, on 2019 Joint International Conference: Central and East European International Studies Association(CEEISA)-International Studies Association (ISA), 17-19.06.2019, University of Belgrade (Serbia). 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Bosniak nationalism in Sandzak after 2000, on “12th Conference of the European Sociological Association: Differences, inequalities and Sociological Imagination”, Charles University, 25-28.08.2015, Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic). 2014 Polish People’s Army Colonel or On Concealments in Biographical Narratives, on „II Transdisciplinary Symposium of Qualitative Research”, 10-12.06.2014, Uniwersity of Łódź (Poland). The recent cinema of Bosnia-Herzegovina as a cinema of escapism, on „Contemporary Central and South-East European Cinema in Transition: A Postgraduate Symposium”, 23.05.2014, University of Southampton (England). 2013 On Marginalization of Memory. The Narrative of Polish Peoples’ Army Colonel, on „International Conference: Histories, Societies, Spaces of Dialogue. Post-dependency Studies in Comparative Perspective”, 27-28.05.2013, University of Wrocław (Poland). Jasenovac, Bleiburg, Vukovar: Sites of Memory and Public Discourse, on „Stuthoff 2.0. Memory. Creativity. Expression. Museums and Sites of Memory, and the Challenges of Contemporaneity”, 11.05.2012, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Stutthoff (Poland). ——————–d Organisation of Conferences 2018 „Edward Abramowski (1868-1918). On the Centenary of the Death”. Academic Conference, 23.11.2018, Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology & Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw (Poland). Co-organization: dr Krzysztof Świrek (IS UW), dr Anna Dziedzic (IF UW). 2016 „Crisis and the Power of the State – the Experience of Poland”. Academic Conference, 26-27.04.2016, Chair of Political Sociology, Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw (Poland). Co-organization: prof. Jacek Raciborski, dr hab. Jerzy Bartkowski, dr hab. Jarosław Kilias, dr Przemysław Sadura, dr Wojciech Rafałowski (IS UW).