2022, 18 March

Most recent news from my activities!

  • I’ve become the Polish team leader in the H2020 grant: Disterrmem. I took over this function from Joasia Wawrzyniak, whom I thank for her trust. The project is just thawing out after a time of pandemic stagnation, and the first events are scheduled for in June. Thus, I encourage you to follow the DisTerrMem website!
  • In January and February, I was at the University of Bologna on a research stay within the NAWA project on relationality in social sciences (ISS UW, Tomasz Zarycki – Bologna Paolo Terenzi). Both faculties: Political and Social Sciences, and Philosophy are very inspiring places that encouraged me to think more about working out such a processual-relational understanding of politics which would put the notion of political action at its very centre and, in this way, help building a counterbalance for the Bourdieusian structural determinism. For the invigorating discussions on this and more, I am especially grateful to Gennaro Imbriano, Marco Puleri, Giulia Cimini and Sanja Kajinic.
  • My first article in Montenegrin language has just been published in the regional journal “Humanističke studije” (9/2021). This article discusses the main directions of post-war Bosniak nationalist politics and is a modified & expanded version of one of the chapters of my book. My special thanks here go to Nikola Zečević for the invitation to contribute.
  • For Radio Kielce, I recently commented on how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has politically polarised the Balkans and what does it mean for the region as a whole. You can listen to my commentary at the end of the March 12 broadcast.