Świat na Wskroś (Radio Kielce). Since October 2018, I have been a regular guest in the international affairs programme of Husein Oručević and Bartłomiej Zapała, as a commentator on the current situation in the Balkans. You can find some of my comments below:

2019.11.02, on Serbia signing an agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union (from 39:13)

– 2019.10.26, on UE summit’s decision regarding N. Macedonia & Albania (from 26:13)

– 2019.07.11, on Western Balkan Summit in Poznan (from 26:17)

– 2019.05.11, on the results of presidential elections in North Macedonia (from 38:23)

– 2019.04.20, on the presidential elections in North Macedonia (from 41:18)

– 2019.03.23, on the ICTY sentence on Radovan Karadžić (from 15:40)

– 2019.03.09, on social protests in Montenegro (from 29:50)

– 2019.01.26, on the name change of the Macedonian state 2 (from 33:40)

– 2018.12.16, on the anti-government protests in Serbia (from 42:05)

– 2018.10.27,  on the name change of the Macedonian state


Nocne Czaty (Czwórka):

2015.03.22, I was a guest in the programme “Medjugorje as a place of worship”, as an expert on interreligious relations in the Balkans.


– 2019.09.08, My comment on the award of the Fulbright Lifetime Achievement Prize to the President of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović

– 2018.11.02, My comment for AJB on Germany’s war reparations for Poland